Before any design, equipment selection or any other project development commences, EKOTON specialists do a comprehensive survey of the client setup. This includes a complete quantitative and qualitative analysis of the incoming wastewater, process requirements and other design considerations.

Based on the outcome of this survey, our experts will make a proposal for the modernization and reconstruction of client treatment plant. This will stipulate recommendations and pre-costed effect in terms of solving the client requirements (improving the efficiency and/or performance of treatment plants, reducing energy consumption, etc.).

Оборудование исследовательской лаборатории Экотон

Исследовательская лаборатория Экотон

During this survey, our specialists are perform the following tasks:

  • Determining the qualitative and quantitative compositions of the wastewater (chemical analysis)
  • Evaluation the current state, degree of wear and efficiency of the treatment plants
  • Calculating the capacity of the plant and its corresponding load
  • Measurement of the works for equipment placement
  • Selection the best areas for the treatment plant construction
  • Evaluating a possible capacity increase of the proposed equipment during operation
  • Developing a project plan for treatment plant reconstruction
  • Analytical support for pilot tests of wastewater and sludge treatment
  • Experimental studies of treatment methods with recommendations
  • Selecting a flow sheet of wastewater treatment and its economic effect

Оборудование Thermo Fisher Scientific, исследовательская лаборатория Экотон

EKOTON’s mobile laboratory is equipped with modern equipment from manufactures such as Hach, Thermo Fisher Scientific, KERN, etc. This allows us to do wastewater analysis by colorimetric (turbidimetric), potentiometric and gravimetric methods, as the main indicators of the plant performance.

Оборудование KERN, исследовательская лаборатория Экотон

Our laboratory equipment is constantly updated. This allows us to increase its capacity and analysis efficiency, adapt for specific research areas and keep track of more up-to-date and accurate analysis methods.